Way2Quit Program, Committed Quitters Program, Nicorette Gum, Commit Lozenge and NicoDerm CQ Patch

Nicorette gum, NicoDerm CQ patch and the Commit lozenge are marketed by GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) Consumer Healthcare and have helped more than five million people stop smoking by providing low, gradual doses of therapeutic nicotine to safely ease withdrawal from cigarettes. Each product comes with access to www.Way2Quit.com, a behavior support website that enables smokers to develop an initial quit-smoking plan by completing various assessment tools online.

Years of smoking make receptors in the brain dependent on nicotine. When many smokers try to end their relationships with cigarettes, their brains and bodies no longer get the nicotine that cigarettes deliver. This can cause intense cravings and withdrawal symptoms that last for weeks and weeks — longer than many smokers realize — and sabotage quit attempts. Nicorette gum, Commit lozenge and the NicoDerm CQ patch are approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to reduce cravings for cigarettes as well as withdrawal symptoms like irritability and difficulty concentrating, without exposing individuals to the 69 known carcinogens and 4,000 toxins that come from cigarette smoke.

• Smoking addiction has two parts: the physical craving for nicotine and the psychological habit of smoking. Way2Quit is a comprehensive program that addresses both parts. The program is based on the knowledge and understanding that every smoker is different and should be treated as such. Way2Quit is a comprehensive and holistic resource for smokers who want to quit. For more information about the Way2Quit program please visit www.Way2Quit.com.

• Way2Quit.com is an educational website that enables smokers to develop an initial quit-smoking plan by completing various assessment tools online. The assessment includes health risks, cravings, smoking triggers, readiness, dependency and more. The site also includes helpful tips, quitting resources and virtual coaches.

• Smoking cessation counselors are available to counsel patients via telephone five days a week by calling 1-877-NO ASHES.

• For smokers trying to quit, using therapeutic nicotine can double a smoker’s chances of quitting. Committed Quitters is a support program designed to deal with many of the behavioral issues of a smoker’s habit that therapeutic nicotine alone may not address.

• Committed Quitters is the only free, tailored Web-based behavioral support program that has been proven to increase a smoker’s chances of quitting.

• Committed Quitters participants receive a customized smoking cessation plan after completing an online questionnaire that gathers information about their habits, behaviors, and motivations for smoking and quitting. The Committed Quitters program provides coping strategies, advice, and incentives to stay smoke-free.

• The Committed Quitters program has been evaluated in a randomized controlled clinical trial and shown to increase a quitter’s chances by almost 30 percent.

• Nicorette FreshMint and Nicorette fruit chill™ are the latest additions to GSK’s family of smoking control products.

• With the April 2006 launch of Nicorette fruit chill, Nicorette is challenging 1,000,000 smokers to kick the habit in 2006. With a great new taste, tools to help smokers get started and stick with it, and a chance to win a $1,000,000 sweepstakes, it creates a powerful incentive for smokers to try quitting now.

• Nicorette stop-smoking gum works by reducing nicotine withdrawal symptoms like cravings. It is convenient to carry and use, allowing smokers to control how much nicotine they use.

• Nicorette provides fast, safe, controlled doses of therapeutic nicotine to ease withdrawal from cigarettes. The quitter gradually reduces their daily dose of the gum, thus decreasing their dependence on nicotine slowly, the way physicians and pharmacists recommend. The recommended length of therapy for Nicorette FreshMint and Nicorette fruit chill is 12 weeks.

• Nicorette is sugar-free and available in strengths of 2mg (for smokers of less than 25 cigarettes each day) and 4mg (for smokers of 25 or more cigarettes each day).

• It is recommended that Nicorette users chew a piece every one to two hours during the first six weeks of quitting (a minimum of 9 per day), but when confronted with a particularly difficult craving, smokers are encouraged to chew an additional piece to help combat that craving. However, smokers should not use more than 24 pieces a day.

• The Nicorette Starter Kit contains a quantity of Nicorette, a user’s guide, and enrollment in the Committed Quitters behavioral support program. The refill also contains the user’s guide, the Committed Quitters enrollment guide and refill pieces of gum.

• Commit is approved by the FDA to help control tough cravings associated with quitting smoking. Commit has a groundbreaking dosage selector based on how soon a smoker smokes his first cigarette in the morning, so he can choose the strength that’s right for him.

• The Commit lozenge helps people stop smoking by providing low, safe doses of therapeutic nicotine to ease withdrawal from cigarettes.

• Commit comes in different strengths—2 mg or 4 mg—to be used depending on how soon a smoker has his first cigarette in the morning. The 2 mg dosage is for smokers who usually have their first cigarette more than thirty minutes after waking up. The 4 mg dosage is for smokers who usually have their first cigarette within thirty minutes of waking up.

• The length of therapy for Commit is 12 weeks.

• Clinical data demonstrates that use of the Commit 4 mg lozenge is associated with reduced weight gain compared to placebo.

• Using NicoDerm CQ to quit smoking significantly improves your chances of quitting successfully versus quitting cold turkey.

• Each NicoDerm CQ patch contains a special rate-controlling membrane which slowly releases therapeutic nicotine into the bloodstream through the skin over a period of time. Unlike nicotine from cigarettes, which is delivered to your brain in ten seconds, the nicotine in NicoDerm CQ is delivered more steadily and evenly throughout the day.

• NicoDerm CQ, when used as directed, allows a smoker’s body to gradually adjust to having less nicotine until eventually he doesn’t need any at all.
• NicoDerm CQ helps calm the cravings that make quitting smoking so hard. It helps to prevent cravings before they occur and provides more effective relief of cravings than willpower alone.

• NicoDerm CQ has helped millions of smokers quit, and is the best-selling patch in history. It’s also the #1 doctor recommended patch to quit smoking.

• NicoDerm CQ provides safe, controlled doses of therapeutic nicotine to ease withdrawal from cigarettes. It gives a smoker enough to help calm their cravings and irritability so they can focus on the psychological aspects of their habit.

• NicoDerm CQ comes in two plans—10 week or 8 week—to be used depending on how many cigarettes a day the smoker smokes. The 10-week plan is for smokers who smoke more than 10 cigarettes a day. Smokers should use Step 1 (21 mg) for 6 weeks, Step 2 (14 mg) for 2 weeks, and Step 3 (7 mg) for 2 weeks. The 8-week plan is for smokers who smoke ten or less cigarettes a day. Use Step 2 (14 mg) for 6 weeks and Step 3 (7 mg) for 2 weeks.

GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare is one of the world’s largest over-the-counter consumer healthcare product companies. Its more than 30 well-known brands include the leading smoking cessation products, Nicorette®, NicoDerm® CQ® and Commit®, as well as a many medicine cabinet staples such as Abreva®, Aquafresh®, Sensodyne® and Tums®. GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare continues to develop innovative products to help all smokers find their best support system and achieve their goal of being cigarette-free.

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